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by Mario Alcala. on 4 weeks ago

Thank you Dr. Iqbal!! I had a Hiatal Hernia fixed and Gastric Bypass. Since the day after the surgery I feel a lot better. No more here burn, joint pain, sleep Apnea and my blood pressure has never been this good!! No more blood pressure meds. Thanks again!!

by Candy G. on 2 months ago

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to have my robotic vertical gastric sleeve. Dr. Iqbal’s office and hospital team are very knowledgeable and helpful. After having trouble to lose weight on my own after many attempts, I’m glad Dr. Iqbal was able to provide me with this life long tool!

by Daniel Pearson. on 2 months ago

Could not be happier with my experience with Dr Iqbal and his staff. My life has completely changed for the better. They gave me all the tools to succeed and I’ve lost 145 pounds and counting.

by Jackie Daniels. on 3 months ago

Honestly had the best experience here doctor Iqbal is the best im so proud of my journey following instructions and everything as told lost about 130lbs and iv never been happier and healthier then ever definitely recommend im so glad to have found him changed my life completely for the better

by Mike Almazan. on 4 months ago

I decided to have bariatric surgery when my weight became dangerously high and all attempts to lose weight had failed. Dr. Iqbal said he could help me and recommend the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Surgery went well. Dr. Iqbal and the surgical team were great. They made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole experience. Dr. Iqbal and his team genuinely care for their patients. My weight loss journey has been great. I have lost 90 pounds since July 7, 2022 (surgery date). I no longer have high blood pressure. My joint pain has improved so much I now exercise regularly and is fun again. I can climb ladders and stairs again. I also no longer need pain meds for joint pain. Mobility has improved. I can get in and out of a car easily, and wear a seat belt comfortably. I can put on clothes and put on shoes. I had trouble with this before. Quality of life is just better overall. Thank you Dr. Iqbal, the surgical team, and office staff. You all have made this a wonderful and life changing experience. Life is good again.

by Monica Vasquez. on 5 months ago

It’s been 1year since I got my sleeve weight loss surgery and I’m so happy with the results! I get a lot of beautiful compliments from people that known me before my surgery and see how I look now. I feel better and love how active I am now compare how I was then. I truly happy with Dr. Iqbal and how he treated me with a positive attitude since day 1!! I recommend him 100% Thank you Dr. Iqbal for all you done for me.

by Melissa Sobey. on 6 months ago

I’m a few months post-op, and I’m grateful I was referred to Dr. Iqbal. His enthusiasm and ability to create calm/peace with patients is excellent. Everyone I’ve met at the office or hospital has been wonderful and very supportive. I’m very happy with my result so far, and excited for what’s coming. Thank you, Dr. Iqbal!

by Shawn Murphy. on 8 months ago

Awesome experience! Dr Iqbal knows his stuff. He and his office gave clear instructions. Were patient and helpful. I would strongly recommend him and his staff if you are considering weight loss surgery. And if you are considering weight loss surgery don’t consider just do it! Follow the instructions trust the process and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

by Kolea Henry. on 8 months ago

Because of Dr. Iqbal and his team my life will never be the same in the best way possible! If you are considering this surgery please do it, and please do it with him and his team! Immediately they made me feel cared for and safe! Dr. Iqbal has incredible bedside manner and is approachable and warm. He is knowledgeable and will explain the procedure to you. After the procedure him and his team are responsive to any questions and concerns. They want you to feel comfortable and safe. I was extremely successful. I have lost almost 100 pounds and am still losing safely. He was just as excited for my weight loss if not more! I have never felt more supported by a physician and his team as I have with Dr. Iqbal and his team. I am so grateful to have found them. I highly recommend them to anyone who is on this journey!

by Ab1000 Z. on Jul 11, 2019

Dr. Iqbal saved my life. I had a hoarse voice and it turned out I had a bad reflux problem. I was referred to Dr. Iqbal by a former patient that had the Linx implant as well and was very happy. Here’s why I recommend him.
1) He fought hard to get my insurance company to pay for the surgery.
2) His office manager Melissa was wonderful
3) The day of my surgery, my 13 year old daughter was there and so scared for me. He was so gentle with her and explained the situation to her and comforted her (this was a biggie for me)
4) I saw the photos of the procedure and he is meticulous with his work.
5) He did a great job with the surgery.
6) I have had 2 tests post op to confirm that I am not refluxing anymore.
Thanks Dr. Iqbal

by Leah L. on Mar 19th 2019

I had the Linx implant and a hiatal hernia repair in May of 2017. I HIGHLY reccomend Dr. Iqbal for this surgery and any other surgery that he does! He did an amazing job with my surgery. I had some complications from the device being too tight but he and my Gastro Doctor both were in communication with each other and me constantly. I felt heard and cared for. Eventually the device was working the way it was supposed to
( Thanks to Dr. Iqbal’s help) and I feel great now!
I have to say that the Office Manager Melissa is also very helpful as well!
If you need to have any of these types of surgeries that Dr. Iqbal provides GIVE HIM A CALL!! You will be in good hands!!

by Lea G. on May 21st 2019


New life surgery with Dr. Atif Iqbal. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him and his team the day of my surgery. His team was amazing and made me feel so comfortable during my OR Prep. I am so proud and happy and just relieved (RELIEVED) I gave Dr. Iqbal a chance and MYSELF a chance. My only regret is that he wasn’t my first surgery experience.
I was so nervous, depressed as all get out, and traumatized from my horrid experience with the OTHER Surgeon as he tried to pass off his faults and his lack of responsibility to try and make it seem like everything was my fault, but Dr. Atif Iqbal was a total delight and breath of fresh air! He made sure my wishes were fullfilled.

Needless to say, my first impression was to be skeptical and had bouts of anxiety meeting another surgeon, respectively. I am so glad I stepped out of my bubble to meet this amazing Medical Professional Hero. It is so true. “Not all Heros wear capes.” No! He wears Scrubs and Scrubs in for Surgery! When I first met him and his teams at New Life Surgery (his office) I was honestly on high alert with bouts of anxiety not looking forward to seeing another Surgeon, but I felt like “what else could wrong that hasn’t already?”
I was expecting him to be like the OTHER surgeon. Who treated me like he had better things to do or was too wrapped up in his own mind to even care about the notes he wrote down about me. This “OTHER SURGEON” disregarded my health, my medical chart, my religious beliefs, and my request for a cell salvage machine or bloodless surgery (as I don’t do Blood Transfusions.) This “OTHER SURGEON” didn’t care about my health at all and made me feel less of a human being and more of a failure. DOCTOR IQBAL SAVED MY LIFE!
Doctor Iqbal (during my consult one-on-one) came in with a huge smile, introduced himself, shook mine and my husband’s hands and wanted to tell us how honored he was to meet us and how he wanted to help me get my life back to how I should be; HEALTHY AND THRIVING! He was very confident in his capabilities working with patients who don’t do blood Transfusions and require other methods if available. He was very flexible and made sure that I had EVERYTHING during my operation. He assured me of it during and after my procedure.
He took his time explaining the game plan (even though i was still technically healing from the botched bypass of the “OTHER SURGEON” and 4 weeks out) Dr. Iqbal wanted to do the surgery the next month! He asked if I had ANY questions that he would be more than happy to answer them to the best of his abilities. My husband and I walked out feeling great about the whole thing! A whole different kind of weight lifted from my shoulders and my heart. I REALLY HAVE A CHANCE! I was on a 3 week strict diet. It was not easy, but I sure as heck did it to the best of my abilities. Dr. Iqbal was so kind as to CALL ME the day before surgery to check in on me and make sure I knew that everything was ready for my big day in the OR. I was surprised with his generous call and him checking in on me! It made me feel that much safer and confident in those last crucial moments. My anxiety just melted away and IT WAS CRUNCH TIME!

When I was being wheeled into the Operating Room , one of the masked nurses held my hand and told me, “you are going to be just fine. We’ll see you after you wake up Lea.” I could see her smiling underneath her mask and it was truly sincere. My anesthesiologist was right above me and smiled down at me and gave me a thumbs up. He told me right before i went under “We’re all ready for you. Are you ready for us?” I remember i felt less nervous and scared and that was when i remembered waking up to see a male nurse sitting by my bed side looking at my vitals and he was like “well, good morning Lea! I have a special guy here who has been waiting for you. I have your hubby right here waiting for you.” I was completely out of it, but that is all I remember of that day (and trying to get out of bed a few times. I was out of it) LOL
After my surgery was over (and from what my hubby and Mom told me) He looked for my family to let them know that it was a success and i had ZERO BLEEDING AND THE SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS! I COULDN’T BELIEVE HOW LOVING AND CARING THIS MAN IS! HE IS A TRUE BLESSING IN OUR LIVES! I am so Blessed that I got to have such a dedicated Surgeon. Who went above and beyond the call of duty in the Medical Field to make sure my second experience would be an amazing one!

So, if you are just looking for that one skilled surgeon who cares about your health, need a caring medical professional who shows you compassion and understanding and treats you like if you were a family friend and gives you an honest answer. PLEASE, do yourself the favor of giving Dr. Iqbal a chance! YOU DESERVE IT!

by Sasha G.

I’ve had 2 surgerys with Dr. Iqbal and I would definitely do it all over again… He makes me feel safe and he is very talented. Dr. Iqbal and his team are awesome, his staff is so kind and they all go above and beyond to help their patients. I would definitely recommend Dr. Iqbal for surgery… I’m so blessed to have Dr. Iqbal in my life. He has saved my life and I will forever be grateful

by Emily S.

I am so grateful to Dr Iqbal. He’s such a kind, caring & thoughtful doctor. He educated me about the surgery and made me feel confident with my decision. It’s been a life changing journey to better my life. Dr Iqbal & his Team have been the very best. I’m so happy & blessed to have met them all. Their care has given me a life worth living.
Thank you & God bless you all.

by Nader B.

I ended up having my gallbladder removed, after extreme pain and rushing to the emergency room twice. After calling Dr. Iqbal and sending all the information from St. Joseph’s Hospital, Dr. Iqbal requested to remove my gallbladder. Since then I feel a thousand times better and would highly recommend him to anyone!

by Cristin P.

I would highly recommend Dr. Iqual to anyone who’s ready for there life to change. He has changed mine forever. He is one of my favorite doctor’s. He has excellent bedside manors. He is a gentle soul. He genuinely care about you and your well being. When your truly ready pick him. I appreciate everything he has done for me. Thank you Dr. Iqbal.

by Karely T. on Feb 19th, 2017

Best experience of my life! I got a fibroadenoma in my breast remove a week ago (non-cancerous) I’m very happy. Best doctor I could have found! He helped every step of the way! He was so professional, welcoming and I always felt more than comfortable in his office! His staff was so accommodating and all my questions got answered immediately! I had a great referral and I am so glad I found the doctor for me. Am so grateful for his expertise in this field! I wouldn’t recommend any other doctor! Recovery has been smooth and easy so far.

by Paul O. on Feb 16th, 2017

I have suffered with a hernia on my right side for about 30 years. I guess you could say I was too scared to take the surgery. The hernia just got worse and worse until one day I just couldn’t stand the pain anymore. My brother just had a lap band removed and his doctor recommended me to dr. Iqbal. Dr. Iqbal examined me and let me know that the surgery he would perform on me would be done with robotics and would not leave me very scarred , plus doing it this way would ensure a quick recovery. The surgery was to take approximately one hour to complete. It turned out the take five and a half hours because there was another hernia on the left side and he found five tumors that were the size of large tomatoes. Dr. Iqbal got every single tumor out and left everything spotless. Four days later I was back to work, climbing and crawling going up ladders no problem. The surgery that dr. Iqbal performed was completely state-of-the-art. I cannot believe I waited thirty years for this. I highly recommend dr. Iqbal to anyone that’s scared about having a surgery done, especially hernias this guy is good and I fully recommend him… thank you doctor.

by Michael R. on Feb 14th, 2017

I chose Dr Iqbal through Yelp actually. I had three huge lipomas (benign tumors). I read his reviews. He had at that time 53 great reviews and 1 jerk. Being honest, I did judge a book by the cover. He seemed like a nice guy. So, being a 46 year old guy who hasn’t had an operation since 1st grade, winged it, and made the appointment. Upon meeting Dr Iqbal, my assumptions were correct. This guy is so nice, kind, and loving! Touched me. Said yep, they are lipomas. Simple as that. Surgery went great. Said I’d wake up at 10a. Woke up on the dot at 10! His buddy the Anesthesiologist(Sorry Doc, forgot your name..), was just as cool, nice, and mellow as Dr Iqbal! My surgery was 1.5.17, today, feeling great. My friend at work has a lipoma on his forearm. Told him he doesn’t have to research a Surgeon. Dr Iqbal is the guy! Thanks again for everything Dr Iqbal!

by Ken M. on Feb 8th, 2017

After suffering from GERD for the past few years, I knew the time had arrived to do what was necessary to stop the reflux pain. Upon meeting Dr Iqbal the first time, he told me he’d reviewed my endoscopy report and he could not only stop my problem, but take me off the Acifex I’d been on for too many years. He asked me to work with him by going on a liquid diet for 2 weeks before the surgery, which at that time I agreed to do, but I really thought I’d suffer. It was not the case at all! I found it easy to adhere to, and for two weeks following surgery, more of the same, I stayed on it as well,losing10# and feeling much better. For the first full week following surgery I didn’t have a single pain! There’s a little now as I continue to heal,but he’s so eager to work with his patients, taking time, and answering every question. In fairness, you may find him to be “overly self-assured” at the outset, but we learned he has every right to be, as he’s immensely skilled and I know I’ll be back on the road to good health. It may be a small thing to mention, when the “inside” is most important, but after two weeks, I can hardly see the five incisions, and I’m about to be “a new woman”! I couldn’t be happier!

My husband wishes me to add that Dr Iqbal came to see me twice while I was in the hospital when, about 6 hours after surgery, I had what was assessed to be a panic attack. All the vitals were in order, but I felt I couldn’t breathe, so he ordered a chest x-ray to be sure there were not problems. He partners with patients and family which was comforting to both of us.

by Monica C. on Jan 13th, 2017

My Fiancée was referred to Dr. Iqbal for a hernia. We have nothing but great things to say about our awesome experience we have had. Dr Iqbal and his office staff are so professional and personable…this goes for the hospital staff that he works with. Everyone was kind and so patient. I promise, if you are blessed to have this team on your side, you have nothing to worry about. Thank you!!

by Veronica D. on Jan 10th, 2017

great place that really changes your life!!! I am currently 5 weeks post-op and I feel amazing. Dr. Iqbal made me feel comfortable since the first day I was there. I was crazy nervous on my first appointment cause I didn’t want the doctor to tell me all this stuff about how is my fault I’m overweight and all, but trust me Dr. Iqbal will never do that. He will never make u feel less, he will never blame you for your weight. He is such a nice person that just gives you that confidence as soon as he walks in through that door. Me and my brother got our vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery with him and Dr. Iqbal will always make sure that both of us were on track. Also the girl and the guy in the front are very nice, they tried to answered all of my questions and booked me and my brother together for the appointments so we can be on this journey together. All I can say is NO REGRETS AT ALL about getting my surgery here. strongly recommend you to attend your first visit at least and check it out yourself. Thank you Dr. Iqbal and staff for all you did for me and my brother. Thank you for changing our lifes

by Tiffany D. on Jan 10th, 2017

I originally saw Dr. Iqbal regarding having my gallbladder removed. There ended up being complications, and I am very grateful Dr. Iqbal saw me through the surgery and hospitalization. After that surgery, I really trusted Dr. Iqbal. At my post-op appointment he approached me about having the Gastric Sleeve done. I was hesitant and unsure, but since I trusted him based on his excellent care, I agreed to attend the hospital orientation and begin the pre-op process.

I completed all of the pre-op requirements in about 30 days and was quickly approved by my insurance company. I began the pre-op diet 30 days before my surgery date. The surgery was successful and unproblematic. The hardest part of the post-op schedule for me was not being able to drink anything until the following morning. Once I could eat and drink, I was able to keep down all of the liquids and food (yogurt, jello, etc.) without any problems. I drank a lot and ate some of the food. My hospitalization was a very positive experience, and I am very grateful for the staff I worked with.

I have had no problems since the surgery. It was hard to be able to drink only one once every five minutes, but I have gotten used to it. In four months, I have lost 75-lbs. My body is transforming, and I feel great. I am able to move around much more easily, my body is drastically smaller, and my confidence continues to build.

I am so grateful Dr. Iqbal pushed me to consider this surgery. I will be forever in his debt for giving me this gift. It has been hard work, and at time emotional, but I never want to go back to where I was, and I feel confident I have the tools to continue to lose weight and maintain my weight once I have accomplished my goal.

by Cheryl M. on Dec 26th, 2016

I was under a different doctor’s care, who told me everything was fine. Well the pain was so bad that I went to the emergency at Orange Coast Hospital. That’s were I met Dr Iqbal. He very quickly had my stomach scanned and a ultrasound of my gall bladder done. Within a few hours my gallbladder was removed by Dr Iqball. He told me what was going on and why. He even saved a picture of my gall stone because it was so large. About a week after surgery, I called to make an appointment because I was running a small fever. The staff was very thoughtful and concerned, they put me at ease and I saw Dr Iqball the next day. Well not to keep praising this wonderful office staff and doctor BUT I think Dr Iqball might have saved my life, By removing the gallbladder without hesitating, before the infection and size of the stone caused major problems.

The after care was excellent.

IF you ever need a great gastro-intestinal doctor. Please go see Dr Iqball before you have to meet him in the hospital.

by Tanya B. on Dec 20th, 2016

I’m writing this on behalf of my grandfather who just had surgery done by Dr. Iqbal three weeks ago. Our experience with him and his staff has been nothing less than great.

My grandmother has been morbidly obese for a very long time, it has affected her life so much that she was not able to leave her home and care for herself (Im her caretaker). About ten years ago she attempted to get surgery by Dr. Laporte but he opened her up and said it couldn’t be done. Back then, 10 years ago we lost the little hope he had of her one day living a normal and healthy life.

Our journey towards a new life with Dr. Iqbal started about 3 months ago and we couldn’t be any happier.she was a very high risk patient and we didn’t think anyone would ever operate on her. He took every precaution he could and everything went great. In the beginning she could not walk into the Dr.s office, on our last follow up she walked in!!! It was unbelievable! She has lost about 60 pounds so far (I update with my time and progress) and she’s a totally new person. She is able to do more and is more happy with her new found independence.

Thank you so much to Dr. Iqbal and his staff for giving her another chance at life.

by Carola S. on Nov 9th, 2016

Dr. Iqbal was thorough and precise. He has a sense of urgency that increased trust. He performed my mother’s mastectomy and we are pleased with the recovery period and his care. We appreciate him.

Dr. Iqbal es precisó y minucioso. Tiene una urgencia que no da confianza. El fue responsable para la mastectomia de mi mama y estamos satisfechos con su cuidado y el periodo de recuperación. Lo apreciamos.

by Diana D. on Oct 26th, 2016

I’m so excited I’m losing weight. Thanks to Dr Iqbal’s skilled hands. I was able to have surgery.No other doctor would do.I praise God for him.If your considering Dr Iqbal you’re in the right hands!

by David B. on Oct 20th, 2016

I came to Dr Iqbal scared because I hate seeing doctors. First of all the office is beautiful and comforting. I came in as a referral from my friend Eph who spoke highly of the doctor. My hernia surgery was quick and as close to painless as one could expect. I took approximately 2 weeks to recover 100% which I was told is about normal. I can safely say that I would recommend Dr Iqbal for anything that I he can do for me, he has a customer for life. Thank you again.

by Mari B. on Oct 13th, 2016

I like to share my mother’s story. She is a 77 year old woman with a number of issues arthritis, pulmonary fibrosis, compromised immune system, anxiety, depression, overweight, gastroparesis, difficulty swallowing, food getting stuck, excessive coughing day and night, enlarged esophagus working at 40%, and an elevated stomach, to name a few. My mother had a hernia repaired 4 years ago performed by a doctor at Saddleback Hospital. Since the hernia surgery my mother’s quality of life decreased. She was unable to swallow, food got stuck between her esophagus and stomach, she coughed all day and night, was not able to sleep but 2 or 3 hours a day, and her gerd worsen. The hernia repair of 4 years ago was performed by using an old method i.e. staples and a wrap without a full assessment of my mother’s esophagus motility. The hernia repair of 4 years ago was improperly done and worsens my mother’s health condition. It completely blocked the passages for food to travel from the esophagus to the stomach. I took my mother to more than 3 specialist and we got no hope. None of the doctors wanted to undue the old hernia repair and perform surgery due to the risk of perforation to the esophagus. We were referred do Dr. Iqbal by Dr. Fajardi. Dr. Iqbal was the only surgeons who on the first visit gave us hope and took genuine interest in studying my mom’s case and prepare a medical plan that would give her long term relieve. Dr. Iqbal performed surgery on my mother October 13, 2016; it was a 4.5 hour surgery. Dr. Iqbal undone the old hernia repair, repaired it in addition to a 2nd hernia, moved her stomach down, and removed two cyst he found in her stomach during surgery. Following the surgery my mother was a little nausea and in minimal pain. My mom is now able to eat soft foods, sleep at night, and on her way to losing weight. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Iqbal for taking this difficult case and giving our mother hope and improve her quality of life. Dr. Iqbal is an extremely qualified surgeon who truly cares to help his patients. In addition, he has superior interpersonal skills, is a great listener and very patient. I was extremely concern with my mom’s condition and had a list to questions that Dr. Iqbal very calmly answered. We are most greatful.

by Brad T. on Aug 27th, 2016

At the beginning of 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare swallowing disorder called Achalasia. This disorder prevented me from easily swallowing solids as well as liquids and was something that I dealt with on a daily basis for over 6 years. I was referred to Dr Iqbal for treatment.
Upon meeting Dr Iqbal he informed me he had been waiting for me to come in as he had heard of my condition. He talked with me and explained the treatment for this was a delicate surgery called a Heller Myotomy. He urged me to make an appointment quickly to remedy this condition. I left my consultation feeling like I had met a doctor who genuinly cared and wanted to help me.

In August of 2016 I went in for my Heller Myotomy. Dr. Iqbal came in prior to the surgery and spoke to me and my wife. He was comforting and thorough about what was to take place. He performed the surgery utilizing the Da Vinci robot.

Post surgery my swallowing is back to normal and my recovery was minimal. Throughout the entire process I have been very impressed with Dr. Iqbal and his staff. It was comforting to have a doctor who I believed cared about me and my condition. At no point did I feel like just another patient. I wish I felt this way about all the doctors I have seen.

Thank you Dr. Iqbal and continued success with your practice!

by Andre H. on Jun 8th, 2016

In a word……. Amazing. Dr. Iqbal has the best bed side manner you will ever experience. Also, have you ever heard of a doctor giving out his personal cell number. I didn’t think it was possible. He gave it to me and I almost fainted. Hahaha. Anyway I started at 270lbs, 5 months later (today) I weighed in at 188lbs. Can’t say thanks enough. If you are in the fence about weight loss surgery with Dr. Iqbal… Don’t be. Do it!

by Sue M. on Jun 7th, 2016

Dr Iqbal performed emergency surgery on my son when he had a perforated intestine. He managed to do it laparoscopically so the recovery was shorter. Dr Iqbal cleaned the abdominal cavity of everything that had leaked from the intestine thoroughly so there was no issue with infection. His follow up with us both in the hospital and a week later in his office was straightforward, easy to understand and reassuring. He was pleasant and patient with all of our questions and concerns.

by Regal B. on Apr 12th, 2016

Dr. Iqbal performed an emergency gallbladder removal on Easter Sunday. I met with him briefly before the surgery and his calm and professional demeanor really put me at ease. After the surgery his staff was super helpful and answered all my questions. I wish I had known about Dr. Iqbal prior to my surgery. I had been experiencing pains high in my stomach and multiple other issues that my regular doctor diagnosed as heartburn. If I had seen Dr. Iqbal sooner it might have saved us a trip to the ER and a couple days in the hospital.

His staff is great. His office is very nice. For my follow up appointment, I waited less than ten minutes to see Dr. Iqbal. He spent plenty of time with me and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Iqbal to anyone having stomach problems or pains. Get it checked out!

I feel very lucky to have had Dr. Iqbal as my surgeon!

by Jessica G. on Mar 13th, 2016

Dr. Iqbal performed my mothers gastric bypass and also an emergency surgery for the bowel blockage. He is truly a wealth of knowledge and a great doctor. He spends time with his patients and truly cares.

by Tim A. on Feb 22nd, 2016

Dr. Iqbal is hands down my favorite doctor ever. He did my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in 2014 and saved my life! I was going to get a lap band but then he convinced me to get the sleeve which I am extremely grateful for. Now he is taking care of my girlfriend with her GERD issues. She really likes him too. I would refer anyone with stomach issues or weight issues to Dr. Iqbal ANYDAY.

by Kelly G. on Feb 20th, 2016

All I can say for this Dr. and his staff is WONDERFUL I had severe abdominal pain and instead of brushing me off with prilosec he took the time to ultrasound my abdominal area and I have gall stones. Surgery is coming next….A ltlle wait but easy parking etc

by Sue r. on Feb 1st, 2016

Dr. Iqbal is a wonderful surgeon. I was referred to him by Dr. Natla for repeated attacks of abdominal pain. I was hesitant about surgery as my last one (different doctor and over ten years ago) was very painful. During the consultation he assessed my condition and surgery was recommended. Because I felt comfortable with him and he spent a lot of time explaining the procedure and what to expect during recovery, I went ahead and had it done. The morning following surgery I was sitting in a chair in my room with a big smile on my face! The constant pain was gone and the surgical pain was minimal.

His office staff excels as well. Thank you Alyssa for all your support through this process!

by Kayla W. on Jan 22nd, 2016

I was diagnosed with GERDS when I was 18 years old and suffered from severe acid reflux and heartburn for 6 years. I was referred to Dr. Iqbal and from the very first meeting he was caring, knowledgeable, and nurturing to my symptoms. He recommended a couple tests which confirmed that I had a pretty severe hiatal hernia in my esophagus. Dr. Iqbal performed Nissen fundoplication surgery and skillfully repaired my stomach and esophagus. Not only is he extremely talented but he is also thoughtful with his patients. Due to insurance complications, he ended up having to do my surgery on a Friday afternoon, which he normally doesn’t do. Dr. Iqbal made sure to explain the surgery, provide his cell phone number, and check up on me prior to and after the surgery. I am extremely grateful for him and feel so lucky to live the rest of my life symptom free.

by Dave W. on Jan 22nd, 2016

After researching remedies for my gastric reflux, I sought out Dr. Iqbal as an experienced and well-regarded surgeon who has significant experience with the LINX device. In February 2016, I had the LINX implanted. Both the device and Dr. Iqbal’s work have exceeded my expectations. Before the operation, Dr. Iqbal carefully explained the surgery and all possible side effects and outcomes. He was very forthright about possible problems, both transient and those requiring longer times to resolve. The operation itself involved both the implantation of the device as well as repairing my hiatal hernia. It was done laparoscopically with five small incisions. I did spend one night in the hospital, although that was an option I could have declined. Post-operative discomfort was amazingly minimal — I didn’t need any pain medication after the first day home. And as my body acclimated to the device, eating became normal quite quickly. Now, after decades of avoiding dinner (if I ate too late in the evening, I’d have to stay up to the wee hours of the morning before I could lay down), I can go out to restaurants with friends with no worries. All my antacid medication has been rotting in a drawer — I haven’t taken a single pill since the surgery. I cannot recommend more highly Dr. Iqbal and the LINX device!

by Shauna S. on Jan 5th, 2016

Diagnosed in July 2015 with severe Barrett’s Esophagus and a hiatal hernia, I underwent a esophageal manometry to determine if I was eligible for surgery to correct my hernia, but more importantly to stop any more acid from entering my esophagus, as I already had acid damage there and in my lungs. Since my condition was at the severe stage, the next progression would have been cancer, and this one is fatal. The results came back that I was eligible for surgery so off I went to Dr. Iqbal.

Right away I could see his passion for what he does and his concern for his patients. He explained the procedure options, examined me and determined which method would be best for my situation—Nissen fundoplication. Dr. Iqbal was very thorough in his questioning, explanations and treatment.
His office staff was kind, friendly and patient—which is key to those of us anxious about surgery and medical procedures in general.

Surgery was scheduled for 12/2/15. I met with him a few days prior and he calmed my nerves by answering my zillion questions! The day of the surgery went smoothly—he met with me and my family/friends in the pre-op area and again, answered questions, reassured us and explained the procedure again—all with a warm smile and kind heart.

Surgery was successful but did require me to stay overnight as expected. While I was in recovery immediately following surgery, he met with my family/friends to update them how things went. The surgery was successful, of course! And he even had pictures! I was relieved when he came in later that day and the next day to check on me. Again—always the graceful professional with a reassuring demeanor.

I went for a follow up visit about 10 days later and was glad to hear he would be seeing me every couple of months for the next year to stay on top of my recovery and progression.

Dr. Iqbal is a breath of fresh air—a doctor/surgeon with a visible heart for his patients.

I have had no acid symptoms since surgery (thus no need for OTC meds), grateful I went through with the procedure and blessed to have Dr. Iqbal in my health corner!

by K T. on Jan 4th, 2016

I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure about 7 years ago and was on 6 different medications at the time that I met Dr. Iqbal in February 2014. It took my primary physician 3 years to convince me that weight loss surgery was my best option. Dr. Iqbal is a such a kind and patient person who answered my questions and was very good at calming my fears about my upcoming surgery. He was very encouraging and supportive. I had my surgery on April 2nd. Having surgery saved my life. During surgery, he found that my heart medication had built up a blockage in my heart and they reduced my meds. I had no complications or side effects, such as nausea and no pain from my surgery. Losing this weight has opened up so many possibilities to do things that I never thought I would be able to do. Since April 2015, I have lost 145 pounds, I am completely out of heart failure, I am only taking 2 meds for maintenance. I have completed two 5Ks, have taken a few trips with my kids and my overall health is a thousand times better than it has been in my life!! I still have a ways to go but am eternally grateful for Dr. Iqbal!!

by Richard T. on Dec 15th, 2015

I was referred to Dr Iqbal for a possible hernia. I visited him on August 24th. He exam-ed me, and said I had a slight hernia, but he also discussed the possibility of weight loss surgery. He showed me all 3 surgeries that he performs and explained how each one works. He recommended the Gastric Sleeve for me. I was really excited about this, as I have been battling Obesity for many years. I weighed 304lbs at the time I first started the whole process. I went to the Fountain Valley Surgical Weight loss program and went through the orientation, diet class, and Psychological evaluation quickly and within a month was scheduled for my Surgery at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital on October 21st. I had an excellent experience there, the surgical staff, including my pre-op nurse Marilyn were outstanding as well as the Med-Surg nursing staff that took good care of me during my 24 hour stay. I went for my 2 week post op exam with Dr Iqbal, and had already lost 22 ibs. He was proud of me, and very encouraging of my progress and success. I had on occasion had questions on my diet and stages of the program, and Dr Iqbal’s staff were great i answering my questions. I had just had my next follow-up with Dr Iqbal, and my weight was 252 lbls I have lost to date over “50” lbs!!!!! WOW,!!!!

I am amazed!!!!! I still ahve a ways to go, but I know I will have the continued support of Dr Iqbal, his staff, and Fountain Valley Surgical Weight loss. I absolutely recommend Dr Iqbal and New Life Surgery for any Weight loss surgery. He is an amazing surgeon, very caring, and is with you through your weight loss journey as he is with me. Just a note that you have to do the program, and have to follow through with the diet and exercise that any weight loss, and you have to be motivated going in and stay motivated, I know that Dr Iqbal keeps me motivated, and I know I will be successful with my weight loss goals. Thank you Dr Iqbal and staff at New Life Surgery, and to Eva and the staff at Fountain Valley Surgical Weight Loss Center.

Absolutely Recommend Dr Iqbal

by Richard T. December 12, 2015

I was referred to Dr Iqbal for a possible hernia. I visited him on August 24th. He exam-ed me, and said I had a slight hernia, but he also discussed the possibility of weight loss surgery. He showed me all 3 surgeries that he performs and explained how each one works. He recommended the Gastric Sleeve for me. I was really excited about this, as I have been battling Obesity for many years. I weighed 304lbs at the time I first started the whole process. I went to the Fountain Valley Surgical Weight loss program and went through the orientation, diet class, and Psychological evaluation quickly and within a month was scheduled for my Surgery at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital on October 21st. I had an excellent experience there, the surgical staff, including my pre-op nurse Marilyn were outstanding as well as the Med-Surg nursing staff that took good care of me during my 24 hour stay. I went for my 2 week post op exam with Dr Iqbal, and had already lost 22 ibs. He was proud of me, and very encouraging of my progress and success. I had on occasion had questions on my diet and stages of the program, and Dr Iqbal’s staff were great i answering my questions. I had just had my next follow-up with Dr Iqbal, and my weight was 252 lbls I have lost to date over “50” lbs!!!!! WOW,!!!!
I am amazed!!!!! I still have a ways to go, but I know I will have the continued support of Dr Iqbal, his staff, and Fountain Valley Surgical Weight loss. I absolutely recommend Dr Iqbal and New Life Surgery for any Weight loss surgery. He is an amazing surgeon, very caring, and is with you through your weight loss journey as he is with me. Just a note that you have to do the program, and have to follow through with the diet and exercise that any weight loss, and you have to be motivated going in and stay motivated, I know that Dr Iqbal keeps me motivated, and I know I will be successful with my weight loss goals. Thank you Dr Iqbal and staff at New Life Surgery, and to Eva and the staff at Fountain Valley Surgical Weight Loss Center.


Hiatal Hernia Surgery

by Mary Lou Peralta on Oct 11th, 2015

I had an extremely large hiatal hernia for over 30 years that was treated by medication for years. However, it got to the point that it developed into a severe case of “Cameron Erosion Anemia” I was in such severe pain, that I could not eat without food getting stuck, and I would vomit terribly. Because my stomach was over 60% up into my diaphragm pressing and attaching itself to my lung I could hardly breathe walk with out being out of breath. My blood and Iron was so low that I had to have many iron infusions as well as blood transfusions. My gerontologist retired and his replacement Dr Archana B. Rao said that medication would no longer help me and that I needed surgery but not just from anyone but from someone very talented that would perform aparoscope surgery l. Dr Rao highly recommended and referred me to Dr Atif Iqbal. During Dr Iqbal first appointment with me he confirmed the surgery was necessary and assured me that he would take good care of me. He wanted me to lose between 15 and 25 lbs before the surgery which was scheduled in just 5 weeks. He put me on a very strict protein diet and told me that if I stuck to it what I would indeed lose the weight. I lost 23 lbs and Dr. Iqbal completed the surgery on schedule. I will tell you that I can now eat, breath, and walk without suffocating my blood numbers are good and iron level back to normal. I got my life back and am very grateful to Dr Iqbal.


Thank you for saving My Life!

(Gastric Bypass Surgery)

Mar 22nd, 2015

If I could rate Dr. Iqbal with a higher rating that 5 stars, I would!!! He is the nicest and most compassionate surgeon ever! I was diabetic for 5 years and did not feel well. My health was deteriorating and I was having trouble keeping up with my then 18 year old daughter. I was referred to Dr. Iqbal by my primary care physician to explore the option of gastric bypass surgery to cure my diabetes. He was so nice and so knowledgeable during the consultation that I immediately felt at easy and knew that this was the way to go to improve my heath! He made me feel so good about all the possibilities that this surgery would open up for me. He was there every step of the way, including post surgery hospital visits! He came himself, he cared enough about me not to send his PA and that really meant alot. After recovery, I was cured of the diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol with in seven weeks and off ALL medication! It was indeed a miracle! Dr. Iqbal was so supportive, and proud of my success that even now 3 years later, I am always conscious of what I am doing and what I am eating so that he will be “proud” of me! This was the very best thing I could have done for my health! I lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years! I am exercising each and every day because I want to…not because I have to! Thank you so much, Dr. Iqbal, for helping me become healthy and literally saving my life! You are an amazing person and surgeon!


Highly Recommended Surgeon

by Nicole on Mar 13th, 2015

I was really nervous about having my gallbladder removed but at my conseltation Dr. Iqbal made me feel really comfortable about the procedure. I explained how I had been having this problem for a while and had just been in the emergency room for it and he understood the urgency and made sure to schedule me as soon as possible, even offering to do the surgery while on his lunch break! I was scheduled four days later! He fully explained biliary colic and the steps he takes to remove the gallbladder. He even drew a picture to help me understand what was going to happen which really helped to visualize the procedure and it put my mind at ease. He was very respectful and had great bedside manner. After surgery my family called the office before it was open and Dr. Iqbal answered the call and our questions, very impressive. I want to thank Dr. Iqbal again for treating me with such care! I would definitely go back if need be and recommend Dr. Iqbal to anyone.



by Debbie on Feb 26th, 2015

I have GERD and a hernia and for several years I have gone to doctors to help me. Dr. Farhadi referred me to Dr . Iqbal and that was the best thing for me. Dr. Iqbal new what my problem was and he talked to me about having Linx done. I have not felt this great in years. I would recommend this surgery to everyone. Dr. Iqbal is a very caring doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Iqbal!!!!!


Luxury Travel Advisor

by TerryB on Feb 23rd, 2015

I had my surgery with Dr. Iqbal on October 8 and my results have been outstanding. I have gained myself and my health back. So far I have lost almost 40Ls and stopped taking cholesterol and blood pressure medication. The Iqbal was a great choice for me. He is a wonderful and caring physician. Dr Iqbal is understanding and very pleasant to talk to. During my appointments he always listen and answer my concerns with great details and patience. The pre and post appointments at his office were very informative and everything ran smoothly. My hospital stay was also great. I am very impressed with Dr. Iqbal and so is my general physician who is now referring patients to him. Highly highly recommended.


by Cindy R. on Feb 13th, 2015

I was referred to Dr. Iqbal for hernia repair and acid reflux. He had several tests done to find that my stomach was in my chest cavity. He performed the surgery robotically. He is very knowledgable in his field. He was able to explain everything before surgery and than after surgery to my husband. It was more intense surgery than thought but he was able to take care of everything that was going on in my body. He and his staff are very kind and helpful. Dr. Iqbal is very kind, compassionate and cares about his patients. I no longer need to take acid reflux pills. Thank you Dr. Iqbal for your kindness, caring and compassion during my procedure and my recovery. I was able to call his office over the weekend during my recovery regarding some issues I was dealing with and they calmed me down and I was able to recover well at home. I would highly recommend this doctor for any medical procedures needed.


Best surgeon in the world!!!!

by Denise Kirk on Dec 29th, 2014

Dr Iqbal is one of the kindest and highly skilled surgeons you can ever meet. He is so caring and compassionate. My surgery was a breeze because of him. We also live about an hour and twenty minutes away, but he is worth the commute! Thank you for being so wonderful Dr Iqbal!!!



by Dianna M on Sep 6th, 2014

Dr. Iqbal was very professional and always made me feel like I mattered. During office visits he was very thorough and was never rushed. He always took the time to answer my questions and concerns. He made my choice to go through my surgery a very positive experience.


Awesome Experience

by Vicky H. on Jun 9th, 2014

Having surgery can be a scary experience, but because of Dr. Iqbal’s calming nature and positive outlook on how he could help me achieve my goals, I felt at ease with my final decision to weight loss surgery. Dr. Iqbal is very focused yet he has a warm and friendly bedside manor! The entire team in the office was informative and very helpful from pre-op staff to the nutritionist! Also,the hospital facilities and the staff were excellent as well, I must say I was very impressed and well taken care of!!!

by Kelly Ellis on May 28th, 2014

I had gastric bypass Aug 20, 2013 it was the best thing I have done for myself. As of today May 28, 2014 (9 months) I have lost 95 pounds. I feel great and I am doing things I haven’t been able to do for a while. I went swimming for the first time this weekend with my 8 year old girls, it was wonderful. I would like to thank Dr. Iqbal for his great work and helping me work to my goal. The staff is great they really make you feel comfortable. I highly suggest going to the support meetings you learn a lot. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want just listening to others stories is helpful. Thank you Dr. Iqbal, I feel great.

by Krystyna M. on May 19th, 2014

Dr. Iqbal. Is a great doctor. I’ve been seeing him since summer of 2013 when I found out, I had the first stage of colon cancer. I was shocked, worried and devastated. My primary doctor, Dr. B, referred me to Dr.Iqbal. My doctor wanted me to have the best care. Dr.Iqbal removed the cancer in my colon in April2014 , while he was in there he noticed something else needed to be removed, he informed my husband and he removed it. He informed me of what was going on with my body, what needs to be done before and after the surgery. He’s a caring doctor. I am grateful I have such great doctors who took great care of me at times like this. It also helped to be positive and open minded too.

by Stefanie on May 17th, 2014

Dr. Iqbal saved my life! My band had slipped causing me to vomit everything I ate or drank. I couldn’t even keep down water. I couldn’t get an appointment with my original lap-band surgeon or ANY OTHER DR for that matter. I went 6 days without being able to keep anything down and felt weak and dehydrated. I spent over two hours trying to get a Dr to see me when I finally called Dr. Iqbal. He had never seen me as a patient, but when I told him my symptoms and that I could not keep anything down for many days, he told me to go straight to the Orange Coast Hospital ER and he would help me. I went into the ER and did not wait at all. He had sent my info down to the office and they admitted me right away. I had surgery to correct the slippage and now I feel amazing again. His PA Ashley WAS SOO WONDERFUL. His office staff is amazing, helpful, caring. I would’ve been dead within 24 hours if it weren’t for Dr Iqbal. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for taking such great care of me.


Gastric Bypass Surgery

 by Jennifer on May 16th, 2014

Trusted Dr advice to diet prior to surgery helped ease possible complications, though after surgery constipation and bowel was an issue for me, DR helped me through it and got me back on my feet.